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Artwardly is a web-based service that leases artwork online. We lease businesses in the professional sector and individuals. It's not easy to find original art for your office. Most first-time buyers feel like they're priced out or are not knowledgeable enough to crack the non-transparent art world. Artwardly leases art at 3.5% of the purchase price a month for an original art piece. Artworks are always insured and guaranteed. Leasing art is a tax effective approach to acquiring artwork and allows you access to works that you may have previously considered unattainable. There is a higher return on businesses balance sheet especially assets do not depreciating in value.

We provide original art. Art that makes meaningful relationships and sparks conversation. It produces higher work productivity and more stimulated employees. Art on your walls for your office because working with art improves our lives everyday.

Artwardly allows you to browse and choose from the extensive collection online, once a lease agreement has been transacted Masterpak sends an art shipping box to the collector or artist who ships the box with art directly to you through FedEx which includes hanging instructions. We use SenseAware to track and secure the artwork during transport. You keep the box and after the lease period is over, you box the art and send it back. We offer clients' greater flexibility and diversity in their choice of artwork without having to commit to a permanent purchase. With hundreds of artworks available to lease, leasing agreements are flexible and can be tailored at highly competitive rates.

Artwardly is a global easy to use marketplace where people can come and find original artwork from artists and renowned collectors. We are connecting global artists with global businesses. Leasing art is cost effective and can be done for shorter or longer time frames. We also offer "leasing to own" that gives individuals and businesses the opportunity and time to decide if the art they have chosen is the best for their space. Leasing programs are also available for residential and production use.